"Self" 04'35. Slawomir Milewski (Polonia-UK) 1º saria / prize / premio

"Drei experten drehen auf" 03'51. Volker Heymann (Alemania) 2º saria / prize / premio

"Faint" 05'58. Natalie Plaskura (Alemania) 3º saria / prize / premio


2014/09/15 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. ExpoGela Bilbao Historiko. San Francisco, 32. Bilbao.
Cocktail. Gala inaugural.

"Dos parejas fuman debajo de una mesa" 07'49. Estefanía Veira (Argentina)
Dos matrimonios se juntan a tomar algo antes de ir a un casamiento y mientras la conversación teje redes absurdas, los cuatro van olvidando el destino de la noche, el ruido de la ciudad y sus propias identidades.

"2012" 02'20. Johannes Gierlinger (Austria)
In the film 2012, fear and desire are constantly oscillating. The camera takes us to the boundary of a closed property. We see the body of a restless sleeping man and transcend into his imagination. The immersion into this scenario can be seen as an escape from our bodies. Is it a dream? A time travel? Or is it the longing for the long anticipated apocalypse?

"Flashback" 23'08. Diego Domínguez Villagra (Argentina)
Esto es la introducción a la película Goodbye Stranger. De todo el desastre del televisor de Ethan, Ana tiene un sueño peligroso. Ethan es un mecánico que vive de insomnio y quiere convencer a Ana su ex-novia a retroceder la película para estar con ella. Ana rechaza esto e inicia el Flashback en otro espacio.

"Pornotopia III" 4'26. Marina Torres Triviño (Colombia)
Experimental animation that explores sexual representation from the view of art and porn. What are the limits and the points where this two languages meet? Exploration of erotism, art and porn, through the intervention of the pornographic language.  

"Self" 04'35. Slawomir Milewski (Polonia-UK)
self = pref. to one's own body or person; of one's own body or person; by one's own body or person; from one's own body or person pron. one's own individual person; one's own individual identity or personality (myself, yourself, etc.)

"Teilchenbeschleunigung" 08'10. Simone Catharina Gaul (Alemania) More success. More Money. More power. More partying. More, and more, and more. Until finally we are out of breath, and then someone misses the turn. Chris searches for a kick through motocross races on ice. Rea and Bea party to excess all night long. Melitta never stops running. All trying to get out of their daily hamster wheel lives, looking for emotional content in a harsh, technical world built of concrete, steel and plastic where personal achievement and success are all important. All of them are running away, but always in circles. An experimental visualization of our daily life acceleration.

"Drei experten drehen auf" 03'51. Volker Heymann (Alemania) Three buddies are sitting in their garden and argue about green energy. This leads to verbal percussion.

"Faint" 05'58. Natalie Plaskura (Alemania)
The time stands still, the moments are everlasting. The nameless characters turn into numb figures, surfacing and disappearing like mental tatters. The protagonist is trapped and strays through a confusing construction of thoughts, finally losing herself.

"MeTube: August sings Carmen habanera" 04'00. Daniel Moshel (Alemania)
MeTube, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet's Habanera from "Carmen" has been reinterpreted for MeTube and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.  

"Quälen" 04'03. Rebecca Katharina Blöcher (Alemania)
The film is based on the poem of the same name by Etta Streicher. It is concerned with not speaking out, keeping your feet still or actually biting the bullet and achieving inner freedom. And about how individual mental states influence the world.

"The aria" 04'23. Sally Grizzell Larson (USA)
Our desire to comply is entangled with our need to resist.

"Hoy juega Chile" 04'30. Jorge Catoni (Chile)
Grabado en el mercado "Vega Central", (Santiago, Chile) mientras se desarrollaba el mundial de fútbol 2010 (Chile vs España) en momentos en que casi todo el país estaba frente al televisor.  

2014/09/16 19:30 h. dohainik gratis. ExpoGela Bilbao Historiko. San Francisco, 32. Bilbao.

"DMD kiu lidt" 53'59. Georg Tiller (Austria)
DMD KIU LIDT (The manifestation of capitalism in our lives is sadness) is an anti-music film which follows the Austrian pop-rock band Ja, Panik and their social circle of fellow musicians in Berlin and Vienna. It is a chronicle of a group that centers on the conditions of music-making in a state of prolonged sadness dominated by the shadow of a permanent crisis (of capitalism). There is no more playing of instruments, even the low hum of amps – they were just on a second ago – quickly dies out. In the knowledge that the very construct of their insular community is cracking at its foundation, the protagonists roam through abandoned architecture and forests, over horserace tracks, nighttime streets and boulevards with no end in sight. Restrained conversations revolve around their own mental states and the adversities surrounding them on all sides. The characters are able to avoid contact with the world around them, yet maintain a quiet tenderness between themselves. The actors - all musicians - play themselves, acting out a consciously absurd drama about art, depression and love.

"Análisis callejero" 08'32. Pablo Molina Guerrero (Chile)
Dos lugares diferentes: Valparaíso y Aysén, distanciados por sólo un año. El valor de la rebelión. Deconstrucción del filmar la violencia sea policial o ciudadana. Textos más imágenes, reciclaje. Yo contra el otro.
Two different locations: Valparaíso and Aysén, spaced by only a year. The value of the rebellion. Deconstruction of filming violence even if it is made by police or citizen. Texts plus images, recycling. Me against the other.

"Fuckaine - Hooray" 03'47. David Iñurrieta (España)
Classic infomercial where there are no limits to show how really effective the set of knives they're selling are.  

"To cut a long story short" 02'39. Marco Espirito Santo (Portugal) Jack was a rocker. A roller. No stopping him. Until he met the Leone twins.

"Iowneom streets" 02'50. Lucía Moreno San Román (España) Basada en CAPTCHAs y capturas de Google Street View reales, se desarrolla una renovada versión 3.0 de Alicia en el país de las glitch-maravillas.

"El silencio del Rey (1975-2012)" 01'05. Pablo Rey Mazón (España)
Un hecho aislado de su contexto y mostrado junto a otros parecidos puede revelarnos fenómenos que pasaban desapercibidos en un inicio. Vídeo de tipo supercut con todos los silencios previos al discurso navideño del rey de España. 

2014/09/17 10:00 h. - 14:00 h BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao. Workshop: "El cine de Pierrick Servais". dohainik gratis. Plazas limitadas, Inscripción previa en info@rmokultur.com
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierrick_Servais http://vimeo.com/tapasfilms

2014/09/17 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. Institut Français. Paseo Campo Volantín, 23. Bilbao.

"Body red light" 05'33. Vincent Loubère (Francia)
Boxer's training... Effort, tension, vibration leads to trance.

"Résurgences" 06'01. Charlotte Cayeux (Francia)
Une vieille femme hantée par le passé et son enfance perdue. An old woman haunted by past and her lost childhood.

"Crown" 09'36. Nadine Bariteau (Canadá)
Crown is a wry comment on the supersizing of everyday consumer items to appease a bargain hunting public that seems to equate bigger with better. Crown question how far are we willing to go to consume the so-called pure water? Crown is a wry comment on the supersizing of everyday consumer items to appease a bargain hunting public that seems to equate bigger with better. Crown question how far are we willing to go to consume the so-called pure water?  

Pierrick Servais, (Francia), retrospectiva y cineforum
"J'ai vomi dans mes cornflakes" (2004, 03'35)
"Cerveau disponible" (2008, 04'21)
"Des êtres disparus" (2010, 06'42)
"Les marionnettes" (2011, 06'00)
"Nuclear" (2011, 02'00)
"Escape" (2011, 06'30)
"Dominé par des abstractions" (2013, 05'50)
"Nous sommes toujours là" (2014, 02'42)  

2014/09/18 18:30 h. Entradas 2 € Amigos y 4 € Público general. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Zero aretoa, Avenida Abandoibarra, 2. Bilbao:
Conferencia y proyección, Pierrick Servais, ganador Bideodromo 2013.

"Crjyklcw" 18'59. Pierrick Servais (Francia)  

2014/09/19 17:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

"Women on background" 19'43. Melania Olcina Yuguero (España) Vídeo arte inspirado en la pintura de desnudos. Muestra el papel de la mujer en la historia del arte. La intérprete es bailarina y modelo, ha trabajado posando para otros artistas plásticos. Investiga nuevas formas de moverse partiendo de la quietud y el reposo.

"Tabatô" 15'18. João Viana (Portugal)
Mutar, que lutou na guerra, está de volta à Guiné. Na sua bagagem ele traz objetos estranhos. Fatu, sua filha, aproveita a ausência de Mutar para abrir a sua mala. Pouco tempo depois, Idrissa, namorado de Fatu, encontra Mutar com uma mão suja de sangue e Fatu morta. É então que Idrissa pega no tambor.
Mutar, who fought in the war, is back in Guinea. In his luggage, he brings strange objects. Fatu, his daughter, takes the opportunity of Mutar's absence to open his bag. Shortly afterwards, Fatu's boyfriend Idrissa finds Mutar with his hand soiled in blood and Fatu dead. It is then that Idrissa picks up a drum.
Mutar, que luchó en la guerra, vuelve a Guinea. En su equipaje trae extraños objetos. Fatu, su hija, aprovecha una pequeña ausencia de Mutar para abrir su maleta. El novio de Fatu, Idrissa encuentra a Mutar con su mano cubierta de sangre, sangre de Fatu que ha muerto. Es aquí cuando Idrissa coge su tambor.

"Uber memoria XIX: Part II" 09'28. Shaun Wilson (Australia)
The work is from the wider series 'The 51 Paintings Suite' which reconfigures characters located in 800 year old german medieval paintings into new locations so as to create a 'memory' of the source paintings within the video frame.

"Passagens" 10'29. Thaìs de Almedia Prado (Brasil)
Three women in the midst of absolute dryness. Steps in the midst of nature, the silhouette of a body through the vastness of the world, small private rituals. It is possible to return to live …

"In the wolf's belly" 18'56. Yiorgos Nalpantidis (Grecia)
A sequence of moving images presented in a series of different ways; and some dialogue.  

2014/09/19 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao. Cine y video experimental vasco. Cocktail de encuentro con los realizadores vascos

"Amapola" 03'58. Laura Siles (Euskadi)
En el otoño de 2009 vine a vivir al Puerto Viejo de Algorta. Entonces, conocí a mi vecino Eduardo Larrea, conocido como el "El Divino Karolo". Un hombre de 84 años, cantante, pintor, actor… ¡Un artista! Es la persona más humilde que he conocido. .Un día en su pequeña casa nos mostró un vinilo que grabó en 1984, en Berango. Este se titula "Canciones de ayer" y una de estas canciones es "Amapola". El cumpleaños de Karolo es el 12 de enero. El 12 de enero de 2013, a medio día, fuimos un grupo de vecinos a felicitarlo. El siempre dice que tocar su barba da suerte. Recuerdo que aquel día le di un beso en su mejilla, en su barba. Aquella tarde fui a Bilbao a una manifestación… Aquella tarde conocí al amor de mi vida.
"Amapola, Karolaren egunean ezagutu ginen" (Amapola, en el día de Karolo en que nos conocimos)

"Link" 09'49. Gentz del Valle (Euskadi)
LINK (lotura/ vínculo) Asociaciones, derivas, concatenaciones y relaciones, corrientes subterráneas en lo oscuro que emergen en forma de unión; el vínculo que da forma a la percepción de una realidad tan cambiante como inasible. Una interpretación de la naturaleza y de nosotros mismos que ha sido progresivamente velada.
LINK Associations, drifts, concatenations and connections, subterranean streams in the dark that surface as one: the link that shapes our perception of a reality as mutable as it is elusive. An interpretation of nature and of ourselves that has been progressively veiled and muffled.

"Tarot night" 24'00. Ainize Sarasola (Euskadi)
Tarot Night es una película de ciencia ficción sobre dos chicas que quedan un sábado a la noche para echarse las cartas del tarot y beber unas cervezas

"Secuencia" 06'32. Ismael Iglesias (Euskadi)
Secuencia es un micro relato que juega con los límites del lenguaje audiovisual, las secuencias se solapan, se ausenta el sonido y/o aparece, el montaje sirve de laboratorio para sugerir historias ficticias y potenciar el disfrute visual.

"Carnaza" 06'55. JaiDu (Euskadi)
"Carnaza" es una video-performance inspirada en uno de los poemas autobiográficos contenidos en el libro "Extractos d'UE" (Jai Du, 2013-2014). Se trata de una pieza social y políticamente comprometida con la situación laboral actual y, al mismo tiempo, heredada de las famosas compañías de consultoría asociadas al problema Y2K (Year 2000 problem). A través del comportamiento entre dos gatos de sexo opuesto, la artista quiere invitar a la reflexión sobre el concepto de "sueño egocéntrico" del ser humano (hombre de negocios o artista), así como, a la reflexión sobre las limitaciones y normas aceptadas por la mujer en su lucha por la obtención de dicho sueño.

"Me pierdo por unos momentos de sentirme vivir" 01'52. Mireya Martín Larumbe (Euskadi)
Una línea es el punto de partida. Una línea que vehicula toda una narración experimental en torno a la propia vida y sus momentos de toma de decisión. Una aproximación al proceso de autorreflexibilidad que caracteriza propiamente a la identidad postmoderna. Una línea que es un árbol, que es un corazón bombeando, que es una anatomía, que es una posibilidad de vida… Una línea que es un punto de partida.

"Hotzanak" 05'25. Izibene Oñederra (Euskadi)
Le dije que era cineasta…
I told her I was a filmmaker...

"Sonic trash" 07'48. Jesús Pueyo (Euskadi)
Dandy llega dando tumbos a su habitación de motel tras una noche de fiesta. Allí se encuentra con Polaca, la chica de la limpieza. Y el tiempo pasa más rápido hacia atrás, tres veces.
Dandy arrives drunk to his motel room after a night of partying. There he meets Polish, the cleaning lady. And time goes faster backwards three times.

2014/09/21 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. Pulimentos del Norte. Cortes 29-31. 6º E. Bilbao.

"Negative message (Middle finger)" 01'15. Neno Belchev (Bulgaria) This video aims to present Neno's visual interpretation of the world and the social environment, where he lives in, by showing seemingly well-known non polite gestures. Those gestures are matched by contradictory but very strong visual element (the RAINBOW/SPECTER), which if considered at one level, seem to be in conflict with one another both ideologically and visually. In fact, in favor of the dispute, the artist denies them. In other words: by negation, through denial, he affirms a favorable and positive opinion. As a result of it, the artist achieves a message with an irrational impact, which does not have to be considered by using logical thinking. In the video we observe seemingly barbarian or even savage attitude, which puts under question the achievements of the civilization, but the RAINBOW appearance changes the video meaning deep in its roots and makes it multileveled. In the other hand, during soviet era some of the Bulgarian artists were more or less opposition of the communistic government, but after fell down of the Berlin wall, the situation changed and for most of them it became difficult to find a place in the society – all life time they were opposition, now they didn't know how to be on the other side. It is kind of schizophrenic situation or at least contradictory. This video symbolically express these contradictory feelings very well.

"Driven" 04'35. David Anthony Sant (Australia)
Sydney's round-the-clock urban thoroughfare. Australia's first inner-city highway. A twenty three kilometre stretch of tarmac and concrete lined with motor industry retailing and servicing that professes in no uncertain terms the sovereignty of the motor car. Exposed as a tangle of pollution, noise and drudgery in daylight, but at night transformed into an erratic landscape where darkness is punctured with floodlights and fleeting headlights.

"In film nabayad dide beshe" 1h 31'35. Ali Kalantari (Irán)
This Film is About a Woman who has been betrayed by her own husband and she is now planning a revenge with a camcorder. This film carries a message for today's Man-Dominating Society.  

2014/09/22 17:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

"Exquisite corpse video project. Vol. 4" 45'44. Exquisite Corpse Video Project
The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a unique video collaboration among artists from various parts of the world, inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the "cadavre exquis" or "exquisite corpse". Using the semi-blind, sequential method of the surrealists' game, ECVP participants create video art in response to the final seconds of the previous member's work.

"A Guerra dos Gibis"19'39. Thiago Mendonça & Rafael Terpins (Brasil)
Nos anos 1960, surge uma criativa produção de quadrinhos eróticos no Brasil. A censura, porém, conspirava para o seu fim. Satã, Chico de Ogum, Maria Erótica e outros personagens se unem aos quadrinistas na batalha contra a ditadura.

"My name is Franco and I like dark chocolate" 07'00. Silvia de Gennaro (Italia)
2033: tramite i social network, Internet, è diventato il luogo dell'inconscio collettivo. Le identità si confondono, fino a perdersi in un'informe identità globale. Il protagonista decide di scollegarsi dalla rete per ritrovare se stesso.
2033: the social networks have made the Internet the place of the collective unconscious. Confused identities are lost in a shapeless global identity. The protagonist decides to disconnect from the network to find himself.

2014/09/22 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

"2ha" 11'30. Tana Garrido (España)
Un documental en torno a un sujeto y un espacio concretos: un agricultor y su finca, en la que éste desarrolla un particular método de cultivo. A documentary about a subject and a specific space: a farmer and his farm, in which he develops a particular method of cultivation.

"Basado en la vida real" 18'04. Nicolás Alvarez & Joaquín Ostrovsky (Argentina)
Diario de viaje de dos personas con cabezas de peluche. Una mirada de género, sobre la identidad, el anonimato y el amor. Documentación de una performance íntima y terapéutica.
A travel diary about two people wearing stuffed plush heads. An intimate and therapeutic performance, a visual documentation from a gender point of view, about identity, anonymity and love.

"Patrimonio nacional" 41'04. Jean Castejón Gilabert (España) "Patrimonio Nacional es una entidad que custodia los bienes del Estado al servicio de la Corona Española". La Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos es uno de estos bienes. Es el mausoleo de Franco y se puede visitar como cualquier otro monumento.
"Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage) is the institution responsible for managing state-owned properties linked to the Crown". The Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is one of those properties. You can visit it like any other monument.

"The covered human" 05'21. Imanol Ruíz de Lara & Jon Corcuera (España)
Veremos al humano cubrir su cuerpo. Cubre su cuerpo. ¿Por qué? We will see the human covers its body. It covers its body, why?

2014/09/23 10h Workshop "Fabricación de proyectores caseros", con Miguel Mariño.
dohainik gratis. Plazas limitadas, Inscripción previa en info@rmokultur.com enviando breve CV y nº de tlf.
El taller se desarrollará las mañanas del día 23 y 24 de Noviembre y consiste en la construcción y experimentación de proyectores analógicos

2014/09/23 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao. Film performance (cine expandido):

"Triptico binario" 15'00. Miguel Mariño.

2014/09/24 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao

"Cuéntame de Bía" 1:10'12. Andrea Franco Batievsky (Perú)
Tell me about Bia explores the life and work of the film maker's late grandfather Bernardo Batievsky, himself a pioneering Peruvian filmmaker of the 1970s. Through conversations with her grandmother, her mother and their domestic workers, and using found footage from Batievsky's films and home movies.

"Cracks" 03'44. Alex Pachón (España)
Todo sonido provoca un movimiento y todo movimiento produce un sonido. Un personaje danza la música que suena sólo si danza. Con esta acción ponemos en duda con cierto sarcasmo el origen de la relación entre la danza y la música. ¿Qué fue primero, la gallina o el huevo? El ritmo se ve condicionado y depende complétamente del movimiento, la expresión corporal y viceversa: el movimiento sólo se produce cuando existe un sonido que lo acompaña.
Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound. I´m interested in exploring a way to project this concept with an elegant and subtle style. A man dances to the sounds of his own joints cracking and popping. Dancing with the music produced by dance and, with a certain sarcasm, the source of the relationship between dance and music. The piece poses an action where the rhythm depends completely on the human body's expressions and vice versa.

2014/09/25 17:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

"It's in your eyes" 06'12. Sean Schoenecker & Sergio García Locatelli (España)
Algunos cambios nos hacen dudar. Momentos en la vida que nos asustan. Momentos que nos hacen recurrir a nuestros familiares más cercanos, pero ¿qué pasa si ellos no están? ¿Si ya no nos acompañan? ¿Qué podemos hacer con nuestros pensamientos más profundos?
There are things that make us hesitate, moments in our lives that scare us. For guidance in such instances, we look to the people closest to us. But sometimes they aren't there. We speak to them, but only in questions.

"Després de la generació feliç" 1h 01'00. Gillothina (España)
Esta es la historia de las tragedias de una familia a partir de sus vídeos domesticos. Poco sabemos de ellos. Cuentan que el padre era un famoso músico de canción popular infantil, la madre era una bruja y los hijos fueron abandonados en el bosque.
This is the story of the tragedies of a family from their home videos. We know little about them. They say that the father was a famous musician of popular children's song, the mother was a witch and the children were left in the forest.

"Desencaje" 05'38. Francisco Brives (España)
Desencajarse, romperse, fracturarse.
Broke, disengagement.

2014/09/25 19.00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

"The chambers of the sea" 13'54. Andrea Márquez (USA)
"¿Qué es el tiempo? Si nadie me lo pregunta, lo sé; pero si quiero explicarlo, no lo sé", dice la célebre reflexión de San Agustín. Un pareja de argentinos realiza un roadtrip en California, Estados Unidos, a partir del registro de pequeñas situaciones del viaje con una cámara Super 8.
"What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know", says Saint Augustine. An argentinian couple start a road trip from Los Angeles to Portland, United States. With a Super 8 camera, she records the small happenings of the trip.

"Valor de uso / valor de cambio" 03'37. Melisa Aller (Argentina)
Film super 8 editado en cámara. Rayos en jaulas. Y la racionalidad económica creando monstruos. Estás rodeado en el patio de las cosas.No hay cultura, no hay belleza, ni tampoco universalidad. ¡Qué se mueran los lobos y que la igualdad sea belleza!
Film super 8 edited in camera. Lightning in cages. And economic rationality creating monsters. You are surrounded in the backyard of things. No culture, no beauty, no universality. That wolves will die and the equality will be beauty!

"Half a world away, here" 07'20. Alfonso Nogueroles (España)
Para intentar olvidar una terrible experiencia, un hombre vaga por un país lejano.
In order to forget an awful experience, a man roams through a distant country.

"Berten se queda" 14'58. Marcos Fernández Solís (España)
Berten, un joven belga que se ha ido de vacaciones con sus amigos a las Canarias, se está poniendo realmente insoportable, por lo que deciden darle una lección que lo empujará a convertirse en el héroe de una pequeña epopeya.
Berten, a young belgian guy who is in a holiday with friends in the Canarian Islands, is becoming really unbearable, so they decide to give him a lesson that will push him to become the hero of a little epic. 

"Finding philia" 9'57. Vanja Vukovic (Alemania)
Are they still there? The clear boundaries in friendships were not only confining, after all, but also offered a form of guidance to the individual. These things got into a state of flux long ago, just as social gender roles did.

"Foránea interplanetaria" 13'17. Ester Estévez (España)
"Ella era una extraterrestre al uso que, como buena ajena de lo humano, desconocía las difíciles normativas que rigen la vida civil." Así comienza "Foránea Interplanetaria", la historia de una extranjera contada desde un punto de vista intimista y a veces fantástico.
"She was an alien to use that as good outside of the human, unaware of the tough regulations governing civilian life." So begins "Foreign For Interplanetary" told the story of an alien from an intimate point of view and sometimes fantastic, with a look full of evocative images Super8.

"Los ángeles todos" 17'20. Luis Bezeta (España)
El proyecto se basa en la importancia de sus secuencias particulares, y en la manera en que forma y construcción interactúan para crear el contenido narrativo. Un cortometraje a medio camino entre el cine y el video arte.
The project is based on the importance of its particular sequences, and in the way that shape and construction interact to create the narrative content. A short film halfway between cinema and video art.

2014/09/26 19:00 h. dohainik gratis. BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao. Finalistas Bideodromo 2014.

Slawomir Milewski "Self" :04:35
Natalie Plaskura "Faint" 05:58
Vanja Vukovic "Finding Philia" :09:57
Izibene Oñederra "Hortzanak" 05:25
Thaís de Almeida Prado "Passagens" 10:29
Volker Heymann "Drei experten drehen auf"
Andrea Marquez "The chambers of the sea".
Francisco Brives "Desencaje" 05'38
Marcos Fernández "Berten se queda" 14'58.